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Cannabis in Town app provides you with the most complete cannabis points of interest in one nifty app! You are just a few steps shy of finding the best coffeeshop’s and how-to’s for safe use, based on your personal requirements! Download CiT app, set your filters and be on your way for the best cannabis experience in the Netherlands. But that’s not all… CiT will soon proudly present CiT app 2.0. Follow and keep track on FB and Insta.

The fruit-brand’s short-witted attitude does not make a dignified difference between selling actual stuff and providing information. While other brands are developing much faster and more pleasing devices, we suggest; have yourself an Android next time!

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Besides creating a killer app and being all-round nice guys, the people at Cannabis in Town are trying to make the Netherlands an even better place for people who enjoy cannabis.

Help them out by downloading and using CiT app! You can also donate via paypal. The more donations they get, the more time they can spend on the app design and awesome functionality for you!


Despite watching plants grow is as meaningless as watching paint dry, we decided to give you the chance to do just that. Only difference is… IT’S WEED! We do not encourage you to give up your dayjob, so you can watch the ‘grogress’ all day, but just check in every once in a while. Oh, and please comment your nurturing advise and your two cents on which plant is which strain! Pick from: Pineapple Express, Cream Caramel and Critical.

CiT GO-Green Cam

version 2.0

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For more information, or just havi'n a nice chat about cannabis with someone, please send us your contact information!!


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